Congratulations! You completed The Creepy Dungeon!

How much gold did you end your journey with?
How many treasures did you have in your treasure box?
How many Life Points did you end your journey with?
What was your Intelligence at the end?
What was your Skill at the end?
What was your Bravery at the end?
Did you make it through without losing all your Life Points?
Who did you trust?
Did any of these rare things happen to you? (check any that apply)

Please complete
all the blue questions above!

You have earned a fabulous treasure to add to your treasure box --
The Book of Ultimate Knowledge.

This massive book contains an unknown number of pages, and there is no table of contents. However, if you want to know how many planets in the universe contain intelligent life, the book will tell you if you read page 19234.

Do you want to invent a flying car but don't know how to design one that works? Look on page 9 and the book will show you how to make one (Note: some of the car parts are contained in a distant galaxy, so you will first have to build the teleportation machine described on page 999991.)

You might want to know where Captain Kidd's little known second treasure hoard was buried, the one that wasn't dug up on Gardiner's island. Look in the colorful map section in the back, and follow the instructions that lead to the big X. Have fun reading!

Warning: Do not get the book wet or feed it after midnight. Thank you for reading the Creepy Dungeon and participating in the online quest!