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Adam Osterweil

An imaginative boy, his metal detector, mysterious artifacts, and a forgotten battle fill this historical novel set in Upstate New York.

2013 Honor Book, Society of School Librarians International Book Awards (K-6 category)

“Narrated in the first person by Cooper, Osterweil's novel reveals the inner workings of a sensitive boy trying to figure out how to help his family survive...budding historians will have the opportunity to learn about an important moment in U.S. history--and may even be inspired to pick up a metal detector of their own. A poignant coming-of-age story and history lesson rolled into one.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This beautifully written book is steeped in history and folklore all told through the eyes of an amazing eleven-year-old boy that only wants to have his mother act like a mother and the land to be free of hurt.” —Children's Literature

“Details of the battle and the part that the Iroquois tribes played in the Revolutionary War are accurate and interesting look at the history of a community.” —School Library Journal

“[T]reasure hunting, ghosts, and American history...Cooper is oddly engaging.” —Booklist

“Osterweil effectively captures Cooper's first-person point of view and the fantasy world he often slips into, where he communicates with Squeaky his bicycle, Decto his metal detector, the television, the ghost of his little brother, and even planet Earth itself. In finding musket balls, cannon, tomahawks, buttons, and coins, and learning the stories behind them, Cooper helps to preserve a piece of history. As a result, readers will sense a healthier future for Cooper and his mother. Funny how a trip to the past can open up a new future.” —The Horn Book Guide

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Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector Teaching Guide

Cooper and his mom run an antique business out of the old barn next to their house. Actually, Cooper does most of the work, since his mom tends to get lost in her own thoughts. He rides his bike, Squeaky, to garage sales looking for treasures, sets the resale prices, and orders the groceries. There's never much money left after he pays the electric bill, and he dreams of finding something spectacular that would make life easier—but really, he and his mom are doing okay. At least he's better at sniffing out antiques than Mr. Shepherd, the director of the historical museum, who doesn’t have Cooper’s knack for getting into garage sales early.

Then one day Cooper comes home with a metal detector from his garage sale hunts. He begins searching his backyard, and what he finds there sends him on an historical adventure and journey of self-discovery that will make this summer unforgettable.

Publisher: namelos

250 pages
8.5 x 5.5 inches
Ages 10 and up

Hardcover $18.95 ISBN: 1-608981-14-5
Softcover $9.95 ISBN: 1-608981-50-9

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