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Adam Osterweil
pictures by Craig Smith

A valuable baseball card, a sinking ship, a distant planet, and vampire tales fill this fast-paced time-travel story.

“The slapstick time-travel antics continue in this sequel to The Comic Book Kid...Osterweil laces his narrative with middle-grade-style yuks and injects frequent reviews of events into his breathlessly paced tale. Smith punches up the short chapters further with frequent scenes of frantic-looking young folk in bizarre situations.” —Kirkus Reviews

“There are a number of funny lines, which, along with the manic illustrations, should keep young readers laughing.” —Booklist

“The book is full of exciting adventures and some pretty fun characters. If the reader knows something about the Titanic and enjoys reading about time travel, they will have a good time with this book.” —The Oregon Coast Book Group

“The book is cram-packed with humor and action: what more could Osterweil include than the sinking Titanic, a visit to Count Dracula's castle, and science fiction adventures in the year 100,000?” —Children's Literature

“A time-traveling story full of humor and fun.” —Meridian Magazine

“Breathless escapes and goop abound...readers who enjoyed the first book will probably want to read this one.” —School Library Journal

“This is a fast-paced, often humorous adventure that will especially appeal to boys. Recommended.” —Library Media Connection

“A rollicking, fast-paced, and humorous adventure” —Bay Views

“Laugh-aloud adventures for the younger reader, this is a novel that also begs to be read to a class. They will titter and guffaw. The author, a junior high teacher of English, knows his audience well. Prolific Australian illustrator Craig Smith contributes great black and white sketches that add to the amusement.” —Catholic Library World

“This story will be interesting to boys who like mystery and science fiction.” —The Lorgnette, Heart of Texas Reviews

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Brian has felt guilty ever since he destroyed his father's rare Honus Wagner baseball card at the age of four.  When the opportunity to take another time-travel adventure presents itself, Brian and his best friend Paul jump at the chance.  They send away for a TimeQuest 2 comic book--even more powerful than the one they used in The Comic Book Kid.  But with more power comes greater adventure...and greater peril.  Will they survive their harrowing journey through the space-time continuum and make Brian's father happy again?

This is the T206 Piedmont Honus Wagner card--the rarest and most valuable baseball card in the world.  It last sold for 2.8 million dollars.

Cover art© 2009 by Craig Smith

Ages 8–12
5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 inches
199 pages
Hardcover with jacket
ISBN 978-1-59078-526-3

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