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The Creepy Dungeon The Comic Book Kid The Amulet of Komondor The Lost Treasure of Talus Scree The Baseball Card Kid Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector

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Gold Collected So Far
Treasures Collected So Far

The Creepy Dungeon—An interactive game book for all ages in which the reader journeys into a fantasy bedtime story. The enchanted underground world is filled with strange creatures, challenging puzzles, labyrinths, secret treasure rooms, and an ancient dragon. Find clues and fill your treasure box with magical loot as you journey deeper. Improve your armor, collect powerful items, and choose your path through the subterranean lair wisely!

Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector—When Cooper acquires a metal detector at a local garage sale, he finds some mysterious items in his own backyard. With the help of a local historian, an Iroquois artist, and his own imagination, he pieces together the puzzle of what took place on his family's land back in colonial times.

The Comic Book Kid—Brian and Paul travel back to 1939 to acquire a first-edition Superman comic book in mint condition.  They end up on a wild chase for the comic through the far past and future, encountering prehistoric beasts, cavemen, aliens, and futuristic technology. Listen to the theme song!

The Amulet of Komondor—At a mysterious store in the mall, Katie and Joe find a video game version of their favorite card game, DragonSteel.  They soon find themselves trapped in a fantasy-roleplaying world, where they must reunite five pieces of the legendary DragonSteel Amulet.

The Lost Treasure of Talus Scree—When blue-haired Kiffin finds the legendary key to a fabled lost treasure, he and his companions go on a quest to find it.  They encounter ancient puzzles, strange beasts, lost civilizations, and treasure-stealing villains during their perilous journey.

The Baseball Card Kid—Brian and Paul travel back to 1909 to acquire a mint-condition Honus Wagner baseball card worth millions of dollars. They end up on an epic adventure through space and time, traveling to such places as the Titanic steamship, a vampire's castle in Transylvania, and a distant planetoid.

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